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It appears you have not joined the healthboards community yet. Join for free, and ask your questions.   home health centers anxiety center more coming soon message boards videos join for free user blogs board index   user name remember me? Password forgot your username or password? Register faq posting policy today's posts mark boards read advanced search find a board cancer: skin message board  healthboards message boards > board index > cancer: skin > m > mole on breast cancer: skin board index board index > cancer: skin | 0-9 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z view complete thread on "superficial spreading melanoma" here re: superficial spreading melanoma jan 22, 2007 get it removed. I had a small mole similiar to yours on my upper left arm for as long as i could remember. buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-cheap-viagra-rp/ nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buy-viagra-on-the-internet-xd/ viagra online My wife had breast cancer used to nag me all the time about getting it removed. For years. Anyhow, in 2003 she sets up an appointment for me at my dr. I show him the mole and he gives me 3 options. 1) do nothing and watch it. 2) he could remove it. 3) schedule a dermotolgist. Anyhow, i got it removed because she would keep pestering me. It came back a stage 1a melanoma. My dr. And i were both surprised. Even though i had it for ever it apparantly had changed. It was not symetric. Dont get it shaved, get it removed. If you are worried about a scar go to a plastic surgeon. In situ is 100% cure. 1a 95%. And then survival starts falling off the cliff. I would have bet a million dollars mine was nothing. Now i get to worry about it coming back. Also, i had mine for as long as could remember and it was only 1a. Get it removed. View complete thread on "superficial spreading melanoma" here all times are gmt -7. The time now is 10:45 am. Home - about us - archive - search - privacy - disclaimer - faq - tags - site map - advertise with us - contact us - top site owned and operated by healthboards. Com™ copyright and terms of use © 1998-2012 healthboards. Com™ all rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form!. Area is usually recommended. If there is lymph node involvement, chemotherapyay help improve survival. Seek treatment at a center with experience in melanoma. Superficial melanoma: melanoma skin cancer skin dr. M. Christine lee answered:.


Daly Environmental Control Ltd.

BEMS & HVAC Installations, Service and Maintenance

With the ever increasing cost of energy and from an environmental point of view Building Energy Management has become a priority for many companies. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems should be installed to the highest standards and serviced at regular intervals. Old systems and systems installed to minimum standards should be updated to take advantage of modern day technology. Modernization of HVAC systems in existing buildings, to make them operate more efficiently, can reduce owner’s annual energy costs by as much as 5 to 25%. Existing buildings often use more energy than they should because most buildings were not designed with energy efficiency in mind, occupant renovations usually do not include modifications to heating and cooling systems, energy savings control strategies are often disabled, and failed HVAC equipment and controls are not always repaired. A Building Energy Management System can control HVAC equipment and other energy users such as Lighting and Motors. As announced in the finance bill 2008 there are tax incentives for companies investing in these types of energy saving technologies.

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